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Wait! Cottam Adult Co-ed Baseball is not Running?

We had high hopes that we could get Cottam Adult Baseball off the ground and running. We ran Facebook ads, posts, word of mouth, we even had a meeting with SPN (Slo-Pitch National) but to no avail. There is simply not enough interest, however I would be very curious to find out the core reason. Maybe you can help?

We will be returning all the registration fees collected over the course of the next couple of days.

Let us know why you either didn’t join or why you think adult baseball in Cottam didn’t work out. We would truly appreciate your feedback. Leave a comment below.

3 thoughts on “Wait! Cottam Adult Co-ed Baseball is not Running?”

  1. This is sad that it didn’t take off. I hope it runs again next summer as I would hope to participate. I know a lot of effort was made to advertise it but perhaps people are still walking around with Covid brain fog. Sometimes people get turned off by the idea of a weekly commitment and I wonder if perhaps a one time tournament might drum up some interest in getting the league going for the following season?

    1. Richard Mayea

      Thanks Adam. We are still planning on having a tournament. We will start promoting it in a couple of weeks after minor ball kicks off.

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