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Astros @ Tigers

Friday August 25th, 2023

Join us for the greatest game of the year. We will start our adventure by boarding a coach bus departing from Ridgeview Park in Cottam on Friday August 25th at 4:00. Our driver will take us across the border and directly to Comerica Park. Once at the park you will have plenty of time to explore the park before the game starts at 6:40.

After the game all there will be fireworks that are truly spectacular for a Friday ball game. Don’t worry the bus will not leave until everyone is back on board.

About the Border

Please understand that we are crossing into the United States and at a minimum passports will be required for everyone 16 and older. It is also important to understand that Cottam Minor Baseball Inc is not responsible in any way for ensuring your eligibility into the United States. If you are not permitted into the United States the bus will continue to Comerica Park and you will need to make alternate transportation arrangements.

Prior to purchasing your tickets please take the time to understand the current border requirements by making sure your passports are current. Also if you are bringing a child that you are not the legal guardian of, you should have a letter, on your possession, from the legal guardian that you have permission to bring the child.

Other "Good to know" Information

How you get the tickets! We received the tickets electronically and they will be sent to you electronically. The basic process is that Cottam Minor Baseball sends you the ticket(s) then you need to follow the link in the email.  Therefore it is imparitive that the email address used is the one to be used by the person actually going to the game

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