* * * Saturday June 29th, Baseball Cancelled Due to Rain * * *

It’s time to step up to the plate! Coaches Needed.

It takes a village! A timeless adage but still true today, maybe even more so after the last couple of years. Cottam Minor Baseball and its board have been working hard behind the scenes with the creation of the website, registrations, scheduling and much more. We’ve started our work and now we need you to step-up-to-the-plate¬†and help us by coaching a team.

Many people think that coaching requires a great deal of baseball knowledge, this is simply not true. For the most part it requires a want to get involved and a desire to make a difference in not only your child’s life but the lives of other children. We just spent the last two years being essentially locked up. What better way to enjoy the outdoors then to witness firsthand a child’s first hit, catch or throw! I know over the past 28 years I have witness many and it never gets old. To watch a child’s face light up is just priceless.

I know it may seem like we’re asking a lot, but you won’t be alone. I will be there as the coaches coach because I still enjoy watching coaches faces light up after their player makes their first hit. After all the success of Cottam Minor Baseball is directly related to the village that gets involved!

We’d love have you as a coach. To find out more click here or leave a comment below.

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