* * * Saturday June 29th, Baseball Cancelled Due to Rain * * *

When is it too hot for baseball?

Andrew Bruni, thanks for the excellent question. Technically we don’t have a heat policy policy in place, outside of using common sense. In the absence of a policy we typically will leave it up to the coaches, however in the event we have an official heat warning from The Weather Network and if it’s coupled with an air advisory we definitely cancel. Also, any Cottam Minor Baseball board member may also cancel all activities without input from coaches. Both sources of cancellation must be adhered to without exception as the safety of our children, coaches, parents, and others are paramount. This cancellation includes both home and away games, and practices.

If the decision to cancel scheduled activities is made by the coach, we will support their decision. All we ask is that they contact the opposition coach and umpires at least 2 hours ahead of the scheduled start of the game.

Just an FYI when we cancel all activities we do two things. First we send an email to diamonds@cottambaseball.ca which contains all of our coaches email addresses, our umpire and chief, the Town of Kingsville and anyone else who might want to be notified. Second, we will update our website. When we (Cottam Minor Baseball) cancels all activities it is not necessary for each coach to reach out to the opposition coaches. Only when an individual game is cancelled is it expected that the coach needs to contact the umpire and other coaches directly.

Hopefully we never need to cancel baseball, however sometimes it’s necessary and we hope that everyone involved with Cottam Minor Baseball understands.

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