* * * Saturday June 1st, Baseball Cancelled Due to Cottam Yard Sale * * *

Why cancel all baseball on Soccer Day of Champions?

Well for many reasons. FIRST and foremost it’s their Day of Champions (DoC), their wrap up, and they deserve the run of the park without other groups interfering. SECOND, respect for our players. We are a small hamlet and this means that many of the players in baseball also play soccer. Even if we were to schedule an away game, at another centre, we may be putting our players in an awkward situation, having to choose to play baseball or soccer. If ever there was a conflict I would encourage our players to choose soccer DoC. THIRD, just enjoy the day away from baseball, I know you’re saying “Did he really just say that?”, yes I did. Finally, this is both Cottam Soccer Association and Cottam Minor Baseball’s HOME park and we should all be out in the park on Saturday supporting our youth soccer.

Also, we at Cottam Minor Baseball, want to give a big shout out to all the parents who have spent countless hours coaching, organizing, watching, and making soccer available in Cottam. Thank you!

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