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Co-ed Slo-Pitch (7, 8, 9)


For children who turn 4,5 or 6 this calendar year

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Afte T-Ball we encourage boy boy and girls to sign up for this Co-ed division. This division is literally the building blocks of Slo-Pitch and will prepare our youth for a lifetime of fun and excitement. The children, who are aged 7, 8 or 9 (in the current calendar year) will learn the basics of how to throw a softball, improve their bat holding skills, how to swing a bat at a a ball pitched to them by one of the adult coaches. They will continue to learn the basic terms we use in baseball, like first, second, third base and home plate and more. They will begin to play in assigned spots such as left, right and center fields are also on the learning list along with shortstop and pitcher.

For this division we would like to feild teams of up to 10 players as that is a full teams on Slo-Pitch.

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