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2018 Registrations Live!

Registrations for the 2018 Cottam Adult Baseball season have begun!

Click Here To Register Now!

The first way you can register will be on-line in the comfort of your own home using PayPal. During previous years, we charged a convenience fee to pay online. This year, we will not be charging a convenience fee to pay online! Using PayPal, you will be able to use credit card or a Visa Debit. We use PayPal so you’re able to process your payment safely and securely.

The second way to register will be in-person. This method will allow you to pay by credit card, cheque, or cash. We will schedule several dates for you to register in person with us. Check the calendar for the up-to-date dates, times and locations. If you would like to register your information online and save your spot, you can select the in-person payment option and provide us with your credit card, cheque, or cash during one of our registration dates. Registering your information online saves you time and secures your spot!

The $75 registration fee includes a team shirt, your season registration on a team, and the end of the year party.

This year we expect a larger turnout and we will be tentatively limiting total registration to only 100 people. Please register early to guarantee your spot!

The season will start on the first Sunday after the long weekend in May.

Cottam Adult Baseball

Cottam Fall Ball Steak Dinner

Cottam Adult Baseball welcomes all to purchase tickets for our steak dinner on September 16th at 6:00pm. The dinner costs $25 per ticket and tickets will be limited! Your $25 goes to paying for your meal, with $5 going directly into Cottam Minor Baseball. Alcohol will also be available for purchase.

We would love to see you out at Ridgeview Park to enjoy some great food, baseball, and drinks!

You can purchase your tickets here. Payment processing will be handled securely by PayPal!

Cottam Adult Baseball

Baseball BBQ

Today is the day! We will be playing 2 five inning games, then breaking for dinner and then having a fun kids vs. parents game. So make sure to bring your kids out if you would like!

The first game will be at 3pm, the second game will be at 4:15pm, and the third game will be around 6:30pm. So be ready to play ball at the park for 3pm today (Sunday September 18th)!

If you have any questions or would like to bring something, please text or call us at (519)990-2945. We will be too busy to respond to emails, but will reply to your text messages.

See you all at the park!

Cottam Adult Baseball