Weather Update!

On days like today where the weather can change in an instant or when it has rained throughout the night and during the day there is a chance baseball will need to be cancelled.  Below is how we determine if baseball is a go or no go.

  1. If the Town of Kingsville sends an email indicating that the fields are closed, then no matter what the actual field conditions are we cannot play ball.
  2. Baring no email from the town someone will go to the diamonds two hours before the scheduled start and determine the playing conditions and post the cancellation on the website.  This person (probably Rick as he is the closest to the park) makes the decision.  Ultimately the decision is based on safety first and foremost and is final.  This means if baseball is cancelled no one is allowed on the diamonds and if you chose to ignore the closure you will not be covered for insurance in the event of injury.
  3. If the website does not indicate baseball is cancelled you are to assume we are playing baseball.

While all the above is great in a perfect world, there will be times when you show up and it has rained and we can’t play. League convenors (Nicole, Doug & Rick) will decide if we continue or not.  While we understand some of you may be coming in from the city and you may have to turn around and go home there is not much we can do, however we do have a small restaurant uptown that you can sit and have a nice dinner.

Also if a game is cancelled, all games are cancelled for the night.  As the league does not track wins or losses we will not be making up any game missed due to weather.

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