So I’m not with my friends!

As everyone knows the teams have been assembled and as a result we have received some feedback mostly related to issues with people not being on the same team as friends. Let me attempt to clear this up so everyone understands the process.

First and foremost this league is intended to be a fun, recreational, coed gathering of people who want to play baseball.  Having said that, as adults, we need to understand that while in a perfect world all of our friends would be on the same team but it doesn’t always happen that way.  This time we have done exactly that!  The only thing is that some of the people on your team are just not friends yet.  Trust me they will be in short order.  Once you play a couple of games together in a fun environment you will all be friends.

Please understand based on the purpose of the league as stated above, we need to make the teams as even as possible.  We do this first by dividing all of the ladies into the three teams.  Then we placed all their spouses on the same team.  From there we start trying to honor the remaining requests.  Unfortunately some requests went seven people deep and nearly impossible to honor all the requests.  Also some people dropped out and some were added after the teams were assembled increasing the degree of difficulty.

In summary we (Rick, Nicole & Doug) sat down for nearly three hours assembling the teams and every choice was carefully considered and no favoritism was allowed, in fact I’m not even playing with anyone from my own family and I only really know two people on my team.  So let’s just get out there and have some fun and meet some friends for the first time!


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